Adhesives for Body in White

Master Bond bonding, seam sealing, lamination, vibration damping, sound deadening, corrosion protecting compounds offer high performance for body in white applications. Liquid one and two component structural epoxy adhesive systems are employed for hem flange, door cross beams, pillars, front walls, underbody assembly. Innovative joining techniques provide excellent stress distribution, reduce cracks around spot welds, increase torsional stiffness and fatigue strength over traditional BIW construction methods. This enables mating of different mixed substrate materials such as high/medium strength steel, magnesium, aluminum, sheet metals, fiberglass, composites.

These compounds can be applied manually or with automatic mobile/stationary robots. Wash out resistant, they can be used in the body in white and paint shy areas. Process efficiency/design flexibility is optimized and vehicle structure capabilities are enhanced. Significant weight savings per vehicle, lower energy consumption, reduced CO2 emissions, NUH benefits, and improved styling/comfort can be accomplished without compromising crashworthiness. Streamlined manufacturing lowers costs, use of water/electricity and investment in expensive capital equipment. Durable, tough, high Tg formulations are environmentally and worker safe.

Hem flange adhesives are often required in specialized automotive applications.

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