Adhesives for Fiber Optic Terminations for Singlemode and Multimode Connectors

The demand for more bandwidth for video/data transmission, faster connection speeds and the growth of fiber to the premises (FTTP) applications has reinforced the importance for dependable/stable fiber optic terminations. Low loss and minimal back reflection can be achieved with oven and room temperature curing systems. These low viscosity compositions offer outstanding wicking and wetting characteristics. They also feature resistance to moisture, chemical exposure, impact and thermal cycling.

Performance Properties

Master Bond formulations bond well to a variety of metal, ceramic, plastic substrates including zirconia, glass and stainless steel. These high strength systems exhibit low outgassing properties. After the fiber is bonded within the connector the end is polished with a special film to ensure the highest yield. Heat curing systems will accelerate cure speeds without creating stress fractures. Long pot life compounds will set overnight at ambient temperatures. Products have low shrinkage and can be dispensed using special packaging such as premixed and frozen syringes and FlexiPak®.

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