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Super Gel 9 Two Part Urethane Modified Epoxy Super Gel 9

Two part, room temperature curing, epoxy gel compound for sealing and encapsulation. Optically clear, soft and dimensionally stable. Ideal for retrievability. Two to one mix ratio by weight or volume. Low exotherm. Long working life. Low viscosity system. Unsurpassed thermal cycling and mechanical shock resistance. Used in conjunction with sensitive electronic and optical components. Serviceable from -100°F to +200°F.

Super Gel 9AO Two Part Urethane Modified Epoxy Super Gel 9AO

Thermally conductive/electrically insulative urethane modified epoxy system. Soft and resilient. Solid dimensional stability. Easily repairable. Long working life. Low exotherm. Service temperature range -100°F to +200°F. Superior electrical insulation properties. Can be cast many inches in depth. Withstands thermal cycling and mechanical shock.

Super Gel 9AOND Two Part Urethane Modified Epoxy System Super Gel 9AOND

Two component urethane modified epoxy system. Exceptionally soft. Shore A hardness 20-30. Retains dimensional stability. Thermally conductive/electrically insulative. Non-drip paste. Service temperature range -100°F to +200°F. Ideal for bonding/sealing. Easily repairable.

Supreme 10 One Part Epoxy System Supreme 10

One component structural adhesive serviceable up to +350°F. High shear and peel strength. Superior resistance to impact, vibration, thermal cycling, stress fatigue cracking, creep. Gray color. Flowable paste viscosity.

Supreme 10ANHT One Part Epoxy Supreme 10ANHT

Thermally conductive version of our one part Supreme 10HT epoxy system with excellent heat transfer properties. Outstanding bond strength. Thermal conductivity 20-25 BTU ·in/ft2 ·hr/°F. Serviceable from 4k to +400°F. Superior durability. Versatile cure schedule at elevated temperatures. Can withstand prolonged exposure to water, fuels, oil, organic solvents. Gray color.

Supreme 10ANHT-LO One Part Epoxy Supreme 10ANHT-LO

NASA low outgassing approved one component thermally conductive epoxy adhesive. Cryogenically serviceable. Smooth paste consistency. Low coefficient of thermal expansion. Effective shear and peel strength. Stellar electrical insulation properties. Serviceable from 4K to +400°F.

Supreme 10AOHT One Part Epoxy System Supreme 10AOHT

One part, oven cured epoxy system with excellent thermal conductivity and superb resistance to thermal cycling. Primarily used for bonding of heat sinks and sensors where heat transfer is desirable. Serviceable from 4k to +400°F. Convenient processing.

Supreme 10AOHT-LO One Part Epoxy System Supreme 10AOHT-LO

Thermally conductive and electrically insulative, one part epoxy adhesive. Superior toughness and dimensional stability. Bonds are resistant to thermal cycling and many chemicals. Serviceable from 4K to +400°F. NASA low outgassing approved. Withstands 1,000 hours 85°C/85% RH. Impressive physical strength properties.

Supreme 10HT One Part Epoxy Supreme 10HT

One part structural epoxy with high bond strength and excellent adhesion to similar and dissimilar substrates, especially composite materials. Requires oven curing at 250-300°F. NASA low outgassing approved. Serviceable from 4k to +400°F. Tough and durable. 85°C/85% RH resistance.

Supreme 10HTCL Single Component Epoxy Supreme 10HTCL

Single component toughened epoxy adhesive with good flow properties. Resistant to thermal cycling, mechanical vibration/shock. Tensile lap shear strength 2,800-3,000 psi. T-peel strength 25-30 pli. Cures in 60-75 minutes at 250°F, shorter times at higher temperatures. Successfully tested at 1,000 hours 85°C/85% RH. Serviceable from 4k to +400°F.