Medical Grade Silicone Systems

Master Bond's medical grade silicone systems are designed to meet USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5 requirements for the assembly of medical devices. Biocompatible silicone adhesives, sealants, coatings and potting compounds offer elasticity, low stress, long term high temperature resistance, and superior electrically insulating properties.

Key Properties of Medical Silicones

These formulations are capable of withstanding shock, vibration, impact and aggressive thermal cycling. They are also adept at resisting exposure to high humidity, gamma radiation, ETO and various chemical sterilants. Our compounds provide cost effective solutions for the assembly of reusable and disposable medical devices. Easy to apply, products bond well to metals, composites, ceramics, glass as well as many rubbers and plastics. They also adhere well to silicone. They can be dispensed manually, semi-automatically or automatically. Fast setting grades will speed production operations.

One and Two Part Medical Silicone Formulations

Medical silicone systems can be formulated as one- or two part systems. Master Bond one component silicone adhesives feature a curing mechanism that is dependent on the humidity level. The higher the humidity, the faster the cure and thinner sections cure more quickly than thicker ones. Our one part silicone adhesives are offered in paste viscosity.

Our two component silicones are addition curing systems and do not require exposure to air for complete cross-linking. These adhesives can be easily prepared by mixing Part A with Part B in a one to one mix ratio by weight; their mixed viscosity is low making them ideal for potting type applications. They can cure in thicknesses beyond one inch. Additionally, they will not outgas while curing.

Two part and one part silicones are available in different sized units to accommodate customers’ needs.

Biocompatible Silicone Products

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