Epoxy Adhesives for Bonding Zinc Substrates

Zinc is used in multiple applications. It is widely employed for galvanizing steel and iron against rust. It also is used for die casting and forming alloys including brass and bronze.

This lustrous blue-white metal is hard/brittle at ambient temperatures. It is malleable at 100-150°C, conducts electricity and heat, is anticorrosive and has a relatively low melting point (419.5°C). Zinc is the fourth most common metal today and is used by the appliance, automotive, aerospace, marine and electronic industries. Common applications include:

  • Water valves
  • Household fixtures
  • Office equipment
  • Electric fuses
  • Motor housing
  • Computer components
  • Nameplates

Master Bond formulates a range of adhesives for bonding zinc to zinc and zinc to dissimilar substrates.

Read our guide to learn more about proper surface preparation for bonding metals.

Consideration for Bonding Zinc Substrates - Low Viscosity Adhesives

High performance, low viscosity systems include EP30-4, EP21LV, EP19HT and EP37-3FLSP. Rapid curing, two component epoxy EP30-4 is recommended when limited fixturing time is essential. Master Bond EP21LV offers a forgiving one to one mix ratio, superior strength properties and excellent chemical resistance. One part, no mix, EP19HT is thermally stable up to 400°F, non-hydroscopic and 100% reactive. Flexible, optically clear EP37-3FLSP exhibits a long working life, low temperatures serviceability to 4K and resists mechanical shocks.

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