Epoxies for Bonding Fiberglass

Strong, lightweight and durable fiberglass is the plastic of choice for many demanding applications. It features superior corrosion resistance and electrical insulation properties. It has a relatively low cost, withstands impact and can be easily formed into different sized shapes by molding.

Fiberglass is widely used for:

  • Boats
  • Automobiles
  • Water tanks
  • Pipes
  • Helmets
  • Vessels
  • Scrubbers
  • Instrumental panels

For more information on bonding plastic substrates take a look at our surface preparation guide.

Consideration for Bonding Fiberglass

Notable products for bonding fiberglass include EP30-3, Supreme 10AOHT and FLM36. Serviceable from -80°F to +450°F, Mater Bond EP30-3 exhibits high chemical resistance and superior light transmission properties. This compound has a Tg >175°C. One component epoxy adhesive Supreme 10AOHT offers both outstanding thermal conductivity and electrical insulation. Cryogenically serviceable Supreme 10AOHT features toughness and the ability to withstand thermal cycling. High strength B-staged film adhesive FLM36 demonstrates flexibility, high temperature resistance up to 500°F and thermal conductivity. It provides uniform bond line thickness and limited squeeze out during bonding.

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