Epoxy Adhesive Compounds for Adhering Magnesium Substrates

Magnesium is a silvery white metal that is lightweight, strong and dimensionally stable. It is ductile, malleable when heated and has superior resistance to impact. Damping characteristics are outstanding. Magnesium welds easily, is machinable and recyclable. Its melting point is 648.8°C. When exposed to air, magnesium tarnishes and forms a thin oxide coating.

Magnesium is one third lighter than aluminum. It is widely used in alloys with zinc, silicon, copper, aluminum and zirconium. Improvements in strength, vibration absorption, durability, corrosion resistance and weight savings are often achieved. Common applications are for automotive/truck components, electronic devices and aerospace parts including:

  • Engine components
  • Tablet computers
  • Mobile phones
  • Electric drills
  • Steering components
  • Instrument panels
  • Transmission casings

Master Bond formulates adhesive products designed to bond magnesium to magnesium and magnesium to dissimilar substrates.

Read our guide to learn more about proper surface preparation for bonding metals.

Consideration for Bonding Magnesium Substrates

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