EP4G-80 Product Description

One component epoxy for bonding, sealing and small encapsulation applications, curing temperature 80°C. Meets ISO 10993-5 for cytotoxicity. Graphite filled. Thermally conductive, electrically conductive, high compressive strength.

MasterSil 323Med Product Information

Two Component, medical grade silicone for bonding, sealing and encapsulating. Featuring ISO 10993-5 and excellent strength properties.

MasterSil 323AO-LO Product Information

Two part silicone for high performance casting, potting & encapsulation and sealing

EP22ND Product Information

Aluminum Filled, Tough, Two Component Epoxy Adhesive for High Performance Bonding, Sealing and Coating with Enhanced Machinability and High Compressive Strength.

EP21AOLV Product Information

EP21AOLV Two Component Epoxy

Two Part, Room Temperature Curing Epoxy System Offers Thermal Conductivity and Electrical Insulation for Potting & Encapsulation as well as Bonding, Sealing and Coating; Has a Forgiving One to One Mix Ratio.

Supreme 11HTND Product Information

Supreme 11HTND Two Component Epoxy System

Two Component, Room Temperature Curing High Temperature Resistant Epoxy Adhesive/Sealant For Service from -112°F to +400°F Featuring High Peel and High Shear Strength

Supreme 121AOND Product Information

Supreme 121AOND Two Part Epoxy

Two part toughened epoxy for bonding, sealing and encapsulation features good thermal conductivity

EP30LTE-LO Black Product Information

EP30LTE-LO Two Component Epoxy

Two Component, Black Colored, Low Viscosity, Room Temperature Curing Epoxy for High Performance Bonding, Sealing, Coating and Encapsulating Featuring Low Coefficient of Expansion and Passes NASA Outgassing Tests with Low Shrinkage Upon Cure.

EP42HT-2ND-2 Product Information

Two Component, Room Temperature Curable, Epoxy Adhesive, Featuring High Temperature Resistance.

EP5LTE-100 Product Information

EP5LTE-100 is a flowable, one part epoxy with a low coefficient of thermal expansion

Flowable, one part epoxy with a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Cures at 100°C. Serviceable from -60°C to +175°C.