EP36AO Product Information

EP36AO One Component B-stage Epoxy

One Component, B-Stage, High Temperature Resistant, Toughened Epoxy System for Potting, Encapsulation, Coating and Bonding Applications; Featuring Thermal Conductivity and Electrical Isolation. Available in 30 Gram Cookies.

EP37-3 Product Information

EP37-3 Two Part Epoxy System

Low Viscosity, Optically Clear Two Component Room Temperature Curing Epoxy Resin System for High Performance Bonding, Casting and Coating Applications Featuring Exceptionally Long Working Life and Low Exotherm

EP37-3FLF Product Information

EP37-3FLF Two Component Epoxy System

Two component, room temperature curing epoxy for bonding, casting and coating

EP37-3FLFAN Product Information

EP37-3FLFAN Two Part Epoxy System

Two Component, Room Temperature Curing, Highly Thermally Conductive, Electrically Isolating Epoxy For Potting, Bonding, Sealing & Coating Featuring Flexibility and Low Viscosity.

EP37-3FLFAO Product Information

EP37-3FLFAO Two Part Epoxy

Two component epoxy compound for potting, bonding, sealing and coating

EP37-3FLSP Product Information

EP37-3FLSP Two Component Epoxy

High Performance Low Viscosity, Flexible Optically Clear Epoxy System for Large Castings, Sealing & Bonding Featuring Exceptionally Long Working Life and Low Exotherm During Cure.

EP39-M Product Description

Two Component, Low Viscosity Epoxy Adhesive/Sealant For High Performance Bonding Featuring Excellent Electrical Insulation Characteristics, High Thermal Stability and Superior Chemical Resistance.

EP39MHT Product Information

EP39MHT Two Part Epoxy System

Two Component, Low Viscosity, Room Temperature Curing Epoxy Resin System For High Performance Potting, Encapsulation, Sealing and Bonding Featuring Outstanding Resistance to Thermal Shock and Mechanical Vibration, Serviceable up to 450°F

EP3FL Product Information

EP3FL One Part Epoxy Compound

One Component, Thermal Shock and Heat Resistant, Flexibilized Epoxy System for Bonding, as well as for Potting and Encapsulations up to ¼ Inch Thick; Features Good Toughness and Fast Cures.

EP3HTFL Product Information

EP3HTFL One Part Epoxy

One Component Thermal Shock and Heat Resistant Flexibilized Epoxy System For High Performance Electrical Potting, Encapsulation and Bonding Superior for underfill applications