Master Bond's Elastomeric Adhesive Systems for Thermal Management

A broad range of thermally conductive silicone, epoxy polysulfide hybrids and nitrile rubber elastomeric adhesives have proven highly effective in improving thermal management characteristics of electronic devices. These resilient compositions have been engineered to reduce interfacial thermal resistance allowing optimization of heat transfer. They also offer good mechanical bond strength between metal, ceramic, rubber, plastic substrates. Thermally conductive elastomeric systems can be formulated as electrically insulative or electrically conductive compounds. Heat dissipative characteristics of these products will vary depending on the type, size and amount of filler added to each formulation.

Common benefits of elastomeric adhesive systems

  • Adhere well to similar/dissimilar substrates with different coefficients of thermal expansion
  • Resist thermal cycling
  • Can be dispensed automatically or manually
  • Can cure at room temperatures (most systems)

Elastomeric adhesives exhibit tradeoffs in properties depending on their chemistry and thus should be selected to meet specific application requirements.


One and two component silicones provide high temperature serviceability and superb flexibility. Addition cured two part systems do not require exposure to air for complete cross linking. Select grades have a long pot life, low exotherm and can cure beyond 1-2 inches for use as a potting, encapsulation, casting system. These low viscosity formulas have good flow properties, water resistance and high elongations.

One component silver filled systems feature low volume resistivity and cure readily when exposed to atmospheric moisture. These non-corrosive silicones fill gaps, provide stress relief to maximize protection of heat generating components. They provide superior processing efficiency, eliminate the need for heat ovens and are most effective in thin sections for optimum thermal transfer. Eco-friendly products can be used in vacuum environments and to assemble thin fragile components. Additionally other grades can be applied precisely and uniformly in confined areas.

Epoxy Polysulfide Hybrid Systems

Epoxy polysulfide hybrid products are two part systems which are most notable for their exceptional chemical resistant properties especially to fuels, oils, hydraulics. These low viscosity systems have excellent flow characteristics. Epoxy polysulfides possess high flexibility and perform well when exposed to mechanical vibration, impact, shock.

Nitrile Rubber Adhesives

Nitrile rubber adhesives are solvent based elastomeric one part systems that require no mixing and have a paste viscosity. They have good shear/peel strength and can be applied in a thin layer. They can withstand brief excursions at 350-400°F.

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