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Master Bond Compounds for the Oil and Gas Industry

Master Bond offers adhesive compounds specifically formulated to meet unique requirements of the oil and gas processing industry.

Video on Cryogenically serviceable epoxy Master Bond EP29LPSP

Master Bond Polymer System EP29LPSP is a two component, high performance, modified low temperature heat cured epoxy system specially formulated for cryogenic applications.

Max explores Master Bond's cryogenic epoxy compounds

Brrr! The nip in the air is the perfect reminder for Max to discuss Master Bond’s cryogenic adhesive systems and their numerous advantages.

Offering serviceability down to 4K, Master Bond’s cryogenic compounds can be specially formulated to offer optical clarity, NASA low outgassing compliance, thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, electrical conductivity and more.


Super Gel 9AO Compound for Electronic Applications

Learn the benefits that Super Gel 9AO has to offer, including thermal conductivity and dimensional stability as design engineers, John and Ted, work to develop their electronic component.
With the help of a Master Bond representative, they discover that Super Gel 9AO’s softness and retrievability is exactly what they need.

Master Bond EP38CL Epoxy Compound

Shining a light on incredible toughness, Master Bond EP38CL is a two component epoxy that withstands rigorous thermal cycling and mechanical shock.
This durable system also boasts superior optical clarity and a high physical strength profile.

Check out the highlighted epoxy products of 2013!

Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Max marks the end of 2013 in his latest video by counting down the year’s most exciting and innovative products including a light curing compound, a B-staged adhesive film and more.