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UV10Med and UV10TKMed, feature outstanding properties suitable for many medical applications

Learn more about two of Master Bond's outstanding medical grade UV curable compounds.
These one part systems feature rapid fixture times and fast cures while maintaining superior electrical insulation properties.

Light Max's Fire

Go ahead and light Max's fire because he's got Master Bond flame retardant systems.

Supreme 3HT-80 for bonding, sealing and coating

Need to meet the demands of a fast paced production assembly?
See why this design engineer decided to go with Master Bond Supreme 3HT-80, a one component system that cures at low temperatures, features high bond strength, and is chemically resistant.

Maximus Bond Keeps Things Crystal Clear

Join Max as he explores the World Wide Museum of Optics to check out all the different ways Master Bond epoxies, silicones, LED and UV curable systems can be used in the optical industry.


Maximus Bond Turns Up the Heat

Catch Max in the heat of the moment as he visits a robot factory to examine the benefits of Master Bond's high temperature resistant epoxies.

How to prepare metal surfaces for bonding

Achieve optimal bond strength with proper surface preparation of your metal. We’ll demonstrate how in this captivating video.