Master Bond’s video library presents engineers with an extensive variety of videos that cover topics ranging from packaging to product highlights, from "how-to" demonstrations to best practices for using epoxies, and more. Browse through our library for a look at what Master Bond has to offer.

Maximus Bond Turns Up the Heat

Catch Max in the heat of the moment as he visits a robot factory to examine the benefits of Master Bond's high temperature resistant epoxies.

How to prepare metal surfaces for bonding

Achieve optimal bond strength with proper surface preparation of your metal. We’ll demonstrate how in this captivating video.

Fire Away!

Featuring a non-halogen filler, Master Bond EP21FRNS-2 passes UL 94V-0 testing for flame retardancy in potting, encapsulation and casting applications.
It produces very low smoke levels and is well suited for the computer, aerospace and related industries. EP21FRSN-2 is a room temperature curing two component epoxy system that resists high temperatures up to 90°C.

Video on LED curing adhesive compounds

Our LED curing adhesive cures tack free and is ideal for potting and encapsulation. Watch it cure under an LED lamp in this demonstration.

Master Bond's Newest Film Star

With its convenient handling and standout properties, it’s no wonder that Master Bond FLM36 is becoming the biggest film star in adhesives. It features superior flexibility and toughness, as well as remarkably high strength.
The B-staged film even retains its strength at high temperatures. Additionally, it has excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation properties.

Learn about the convenience of flexible divider pouches

Adhesive packaging comes in many forms. View a demonstration on how to use a pre-measured flexible divider pouch, a convenient and easy-to-use way to apply epoxy.