Master Bond’s video library presents engineers with an extensive variety of videos that cover topics ranging from packaging to product highlights, from "how-to" demonstrations to best practices for using epoxies, and more. Browse through our library for a look at what Master Bond has to offer.

Video on Chemically Resistant Master Bond EP62-1

With the ability to withstand acids, bases and many solvents, Master Bond EP62-1 is primarily used as an adhesive, sealant or coating where the epoxy will be exposed to very harsh conditions. This two part epoxy features thermal stability with a glass transition temperature exceeding 170°C.

Maximus Bond falls in love with Master Bond epoxy formulations

Get to know a little more about Max and his love affair with Master Bond epoxies. In this video he explains many common properties of our epoxies including temperature resistance, thermal cycling capabilities, physical properties and their electrical profiles.


Master Bond's Outstanding Epoxy Gel Compound Super Gel 9

Master Bond's latest epoxy innovation, Super Gel 9, is a urethane modified epoxy gel featuring outstanding, unique properties. It is often used as a sealant and encapsulant for very challenging applications. Watch our video now to learn more.

Max Tests Out Master Bond's Latest NASA Low Outgassing Adhesives

Blast off with Max Bond as he explores the world of epoxies for aerospace applications. Master Bond offers a wide range of low outgassing adhesives, sealants and coatings for some of the most challenging applications. Join Max as he tests out some of our latest high performance formulations!


Video on applying super fast curing epoxies

In this demonstration, Master Bond EP65HT-1 epoxy is used to show how a fast curing compound can set up quickly at room temperature. This two part system is commonly utilized for advanced engineering applications. It is a sure winner to speed up your assembly operations.

Master Bond offers reliable and convenient shipping options

Max has shaped up our epoxies, now it's time to ship them out! Join Maximus Bond as he travels the world shipping Master Bond epoxies, silicones and more. Learn about Master Bond's prompt and reliable worldwide shipping options.