Epoxies for Bonding Beryllium Substrates

Beryllium is a very light, hard, steel-gray metal. It features high strength, stability at elevated temperatures and reflectivity. It offers outstanding thermal conductivity and is transparent to x-rays. Beryllium is non-magnetic, corrosion resistant at ambient temperatures and has a rigidity about 50% greater than steel.

Applications include:

  • Structural components for aircraft, satellites and space vehicles
  • RF transmitters
  • Gyroscopes
  • Medical and scientific x-ray equipment
  • Computer parts
  • Scanners

Master Bond formulates adhesive products designed to bond beryllium to beryllium and beryllium to dissimilar substrates.

Read our guide to learn more about proper surface preparation for bonding metals.

Consideration for Bonding Beryllium Substrates

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