Epoxies for Bonding Cast Iron Substrates

Cast iron is strong and durable. It offers a low melting point, good fluidity and can be easily cast. It is hard, brittle, nonmalleable and economical in price. Cast iron has superior wear resistance and high compressive strength properties. Protective coatings are used to prevent corrosion from moisture exposure. Cast iron applications include:

  • Piping
  • Cylinder blocks
  • Furniture
  • Gears
  • Tools
  • Hardware

Master Bond formulates one and two component epoxy adhesives for bonding cast iron to cast iron and cast iron to dissimilar substrates.

Read our guide to learn more about proper surface preparation for bonding metals.

Consideration for Bonding Cast Iron - Thermal Conductivity

Outstanding results have been achieved with FLM36, FL901AO, Supreme 11ANHT, EP21TDC-2AO and EP30AN. HIgh temperature resistant, tough/flexible, film/preform FLM36 is electrically insulative and provides uniform bond line thickness. Fast curing FL901AO has a fast cure speed, excellent adhesion to many substrates and impressive thermal cycling capabilities. It is available in convenient shapes and sizes including 6" x 2" x 0.003". Two part, room temperature curing Supreme 11ANHT resists up to 350F. This paste like material can be applied on vertical surfaces without dripping. EP21TDC-2AO is cryogenically serviceable, flexible, impact resistant and generates low exotherm. Low viscosity EP30AN offers a low coefficient of thermal expansion, dimensional stability and superb strength.

Multiple formulations with different viscosities, colors, cure speeds, hardness, chemical inertness, strength, etc. are available for bonding cast iron.

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