Supreme 46HT-2ND2 Product Information

Supreme 46HT-2ND2 Two Component Epoxy

Two Component, Non-Drip, Toughened, Heat Resistant Epoxy Adhesive for High Performance Structural Bonding and Sealing

Supreme 65HT-6 Product Description

Supreme 65HT-6 Two Part Epoxy

Two Component Fast Curing Heat Resistant Toughened Epoxy Adhesive Featuring High Shear Strength, Superior Dimensional Stability, Good Chemical Resistance, Excellent Impact and Shock Resistance for Superior Bonding

UV15-42C Product Information

UV15-42C One Part UV System

One Component, High Viscosity, Optically Clear, Tough UV Curable Compound With Extended Service Capability of -65°F to +300°F for High Performance Bonding, Sealing and Coating Featuring Unsurpassed Dimensional Stability.

UV15X-2 Product Information

UV15X-2 One Part UV Curing System

One Component, High Performance Non-Yellowing UV Curable Polymer System for Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants Up To a Thickness of ¼" and More!

X-5 Product Description

Elastomer Based, One Component Adhesive

High Performance, Elastomer-Based, One-Component Adhesive for Fast & Durable Bonding and Sealing

X-5HT Product Description

High Performance High Temperature, Structural One-Component Adhesive System For Fast, Durable Bonding and Sealing Up To 500°F Service

X-6 Product Description

High Performance One-Component Pressure Sensitive Acrylic Resin Based Solvent Adhesive For Fast, Durable Bonding and Sealing

X5TC Product Information

X5TC One Part Elastomeric System

Thermally Conductive, Elastomer Based, One-Component Adhesive For High Performance Bonding and Sealing