UV Curable Spin Coatable Compounds

Master Bond formulates spin coatable UV curable polymer resins for high precision optical component manufacturing companies. These one part solvent free formulations will provide homogeneous thin film coatings that will not alter physical, transmission and reflective properties. These systems are available for use in a range of viscosities and specific grades are engineered to protect components against abrasion and chemical attack.


Small and large substrates including glass, acrylic, polycarbonate, polystyrene, crystals can be reliably coated through centripetal force. Film thickness will be dependent upon product viscosity, wetting characteristics, spin speeds and spin time. For example, low viscosity materials spun at high speeds for longer spin cycles will result in thinner coatings. UV compounds can be applied when the substrate is static (stationary) or dynamic (spinning). Multilayer coatings are often employed to achieve desired specifications. Proper material selection is essential to avoid swirls, streaks, air bubbles, pinholes and uncoated areas. Stringent control of the application environment such as moisture will enhance quality control.

Most Popular Spin Coatable UV Curable Coatings

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