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Potting & Encapsulation Compounds

Featuring outstanding electrical insulation properties, these systems are utilized in low, medium and high voltage applications and maintain superior thermal stability and chemical resistance. These systems offer protection against corrosion and crack resistance to ensure high performance.

Products shown on circuit board image: EP42HT-4AOMed Black, EP4EN-80

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Die Attach Formulations

With die shear strength ranging from 20-42 kg-f, these systems are available in both electrically insulative or electrically conductive formulations. They meet the requirements for the many critical electronic devices manufactured for the medical, military, aerospace and other industries. These die attach adhesives are also available in one component heat curing formulations and as B-staged epoxy films.

Products shown on circuit board image: Supreme 3HTND-2DA, EP17HTS-DA, EP3HTSDA-2

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Spin Coating UV Systems

Spin coatable UV curable systems are ideal for high precision optical component manufacturing applications. These one part compounds provide a thin film coating that allows the component to retain its original physical, transmission and reflective properties. Custom formulations can be engineered to protect components against harsh chemicals and abrasion.

Product shown on circuit board image: UV15

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Underfill Compounds

This line of epoxy underfills offer superior stress reduction on solder joints as well as protection from moisture. They are available in both high and low viscosities as well as in snap curing and reworkable formulations.

Products shown on circuit board image: EP62-1LPSPMed, EP114

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Glob Top Formulations

Ideal for the encapsulation of semiconductor chips and wire bonds, these glob top systems offer resistance to moisture, chemicals and contaminants. These thixotropic compounds offer low stress, low shrinkage upon curing and fast cure speeds.

Product shown on circuit board image: Supreme 3HTND-2CCM

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Heat Sink Attachment

Compounds for heat sink attachment include one and two component epoxy and silicone systems featuring high thermal conductivity for heat dissipation. These materials contain special alumina,or aluminum nitride fillers to improve device reliability and help prevent overheating or premature component failure.

Product shown on circuit board image: Supreme 18TC

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Compounds for Electronic Applications

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