Epoxy Impregnation Compounds for Advanced ApplicationsFrom automotive to electronics to construction equipment to communications, Master Bond has developed cost effective solutions for sealing macroporosity and microporosity for metals and other materials. These low viscosity systems cure at elevated temperatures to a tough, strong chemical resistant thermoset plastic.

Advantages of Master Bond Impregnation Resins

Master Bond impregnation compounds feature long-term storage stability, exceptional chemical resistance and the ability to withstand elevated temperatures. Additionally, they are:

  • 100% reactive
  • Easy to process
  • Non-hydroscopic
  • Fast curing at +250°F

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Most Popular Epoxy for Impregnation Applications

One component, storage stable epoxy resin system. Viscosity 500-600 cps. Tensile strength over 10,000 psi. Excellent chemical resistance. Thermal stability up to +400°F. Superb electrical insulation properties.
Ultra low viscosity, thermally stable high performance system. Tg 125-130°C. Resists water, oils, fuels and most solvents. Superior adhesion to metal and ceramics. "Unlimited" working life at room temperature.
Toughened, ultra low viscosity no mix formulation. Shore D hardnes >65. Resists impact and thermal cycling. Light amber clear color. Outstanding physical strength properties.