Dual Curing Polymer SystemsLow to moderate temperature oven curing epoxy adhesive compounds minimize thermal stress. They are recommended for bonding similar/dissimilar substrates with CTE differences during elevated temperature cure. These low shrinkage one and two component formulations are well suited for bonding heat sensitive substrates. They are engineered to prevent warpage, cracking during temperature fluctuations.

Rigid/flexible Master Bond storage stable low/moderate temperature curing epoxy systems are used in sensitive optical electronic, automotive, medical device, specialty OEM applications. These products provide long term durability under mechanical loads even in severe environments. To facilitate rapid production speeds systems are compounded to cure at the lowest temperatures for the shortest time period. These adhesives are designed to avoid excessive flow characteristics that could effect bond line structural integrity.

Select two component epoxy systems offer exceptionally long working life after mixing and cure at moderately elevated temperatures. For example Master Bond has developed compounds that feature a greater than 12 hour working life for a 100 gram batch. Additionally dual UV/heat curing Master Bond products allow for rapid fixturing and a desirable secondary cure at 80°C in "shadowed out" areas.

Most Popular Low Temperature Heat Curing Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings, Potting and Encapsulation Compounds

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