Acoustic Properties of AdhesivesEpoxies, elastomeric modified epoxies and silicones are now being used in specialty electronic and related applications where acoustic dampening and amplification may be required. These systems are used as adhesives, sealants, coatings and encapsulants.

Sound Damping

Master Bond’s thermoset systems that offer dampening properties are invariably rubber modified epoxies and silicones, in both one and two part formulations. These systems are used in a large array of acoustic resonators, noise canceling electronics, sound proofing devices and insulation systems. Master Bond can offer customized formulations to adjust the hardness properties to fit the needs of the system. Specialty products have been used in a number of Hemholtz type resonators.

Sound Amplification

These same kinds of materials can be used in acoustical applications where amplification is needed. Many of these involve contact transducers and piezoelectronic devices. Epoxies filled with ceramic or metals including tungsten are often “go to” products in these kinds of devices.

In certain instances, some devices might need amplification, and in other instances, these same instruments might need dampening. Hearing aids, underwater sonar devices and pulse receivers among others, would require adhesives, sealants or potting materials that necessitate damping or amplifications.

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Most Popular Adhesives, Sealants, Coating and Potting Compounds for Acoustic Applications

Super Gel 9
Two component urethane modified epoxy system. Excellent optical clarity. Extraordinary softness and dimensional stability. Outstanding dampening properties. Well suited for casting and encapsulation of sensitive electronic components.
MasterSil 151
Highly flexible two part silicone potting/encapsulation system. Low viscosity. Superior light transmission properties. Excellent sound dampening characteristics. Will not outgas while curing. Serviceable up to +400°F. Withstands rigorous thermal cycling.
Supreme 10AOHT
Single component high temperature resistant, thermally conductive epoxy adhesive. Superior bond strength. Effective for sound amplification. 100% reactive. Smooth thixotropic paste.
Low viscosity, rigid curing, two component epoxy adhesive, sealant, coating. Very low linear shrinkage after cure. Superb physical strength properties. Employed in sound amplification devices. Highly reliable electrical insulation characteristics. Very low coefficient of expansion.