Master Bond Adhesive Systems for the Aerospace Industry

Master Bond's Aerospace Products

Master Bond compounds are employed in a wide range of applications within the aerospace industry.
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High temperature resistant properties are often required in aerospace applications.

Learn about our epoxy systems that have passed FAR 25.853(a) test for flame retardancy.

Master Bond is at the forefront of developing specialty adhesive formulations to meet the stringent specifications of the aerospace industry. Our wide range of products consists of epoxies, polyurethanes, silicones and polysulfides offered in both one and two component systems.

Many aerospace applications use composite products that are assembled using Master Bond adhesives.

Specific Aerospace Applications Using Master Bond Adhesive Systems

Master Bond adhesives are used in numerous aerospace applications including, but not limited to:

  • Flight control surface seals
  • Optical fiber systems
  • Bonding of metal and fiber reinforced composites
  • EMI and RFI shielding
  • Launch canister liners
  • Braking systems
  • Microelectronic applications

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Some of Our Most Popular Aerospace Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings

Supreme 33CLV
Room temperature curable and high temperature resistant up to +450°F. Exhibits superior adhesion to dissimilar substrates. Features high peel and shear strength properties. Often applied as a sealant. Withstands vibration, shock, impact and thermal cycling.
Two part, room temperature curing, flexibilized epoxy system. Easy to apply with low viscosity. Excellent dampening properties and a convenient one to one mix ratio. Often applied for acoustic insulation.
Supreme 10HT
One part, heat cured (250-300°F) epoxy system. High lap shear and peel strength. Meets NASA low outgassing specifications. Cryogenic serviceability. Toughened system offers superior resistance to vibration, shock, impact and thermal cycling.
Two part, room temperature curable epoxy system with high thermal conductivity. Serviceable from cryogenic temperatures up to +400°F. Electrically isolating. Meets NASA low outgassing specifications. Halogen free.
Supreme 10HTS
Silver filled system with excellent electrical conductivity and high physical strength properties. One part, heat cured (250-300°F) epoxy. Wide range of serviceability from cryogenic temperatures up to +400°F. Meets NASA low outgassing specifications. Can be applied without sagging or dripping, even on vertical surfaces.
Two part, room temperature curing epoxy system. Easy to handle. For bonding, potting, sealing and coating. Unsurpassed resistance to a wide range of different solvents.
Two part, fast setting (3-5 minutes in 10-20 gram masses), room temperature curable epoxy that resists temperatures up to +400°F. Glass transition temperature over 125°C. NASA low outgassing approved. Often used for repair and maintenance.
Two part epoxy system with ultra low viscosity and remarkable cryogenic properties. Withstands rapid drop in temperature and is NASA low outgassing approved.