Lid Sealing of Electronic Packages

Lid Sealing of Electronic PackagesElectrically insulative epoxy paste and B-staged preform adhesives provide cost effective alternatives to seam welding, soldering or glass attachment in lid sealing applications. They also offer low temperature processing and avoidance of metal particle contamination. These compounds feature high bond strength, thermal stability and superior protection against moisture. Preform systems cure rapidly at moderate elevated temperatures, have controllable flow and long storage stability.

Most Popular Lid Sealing Epoxies

Cures rapidly at moderate elevated temperatures. Superior resistance to moisture and chemicals. Two part epoxy has long pot life at ambient temperatures. High bond strength properties.
High performance thermally conductive, electrically insulative B-staged epoxy adhesive film and perform with superior mechanical strength properties. Cures quickly at moderate temperatures. Excellent moisture resistance. Easy application. Long storage stability. Adhesive cures in place and squeeze out is avoided.


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